3D puzzle slicer for kids

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Currently, kids' puzzles available in the market are generally in 2D. Moreover, parents or kids might be restricted by the choices of puzzles offered by manufacturers. With the advent of cheap 3D printing equipment, we hope to allow parents to customise their own 3D puzzles. Our puzzle slicer provides users with a simple graphical interface that allows them to easily slice any 3D model into pieces with connectors based on different shapes. Users simply have to import their desired 3D model in STL format, choose the shapes of connectors they want and adjust the positioning of the slicers if necessary. This allows parents to easily create puzzles based on their children’s favourite models, giving their kids unique puzzles as well as the opportunity to learn about shapes.

User interface of Slicing Software

Model loaded in software Slice into 2 pieces Slice into 8 pieces

Side view of sliced model

Animation of Assembly


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